Pest Control - costs and important information

Sandwell Council’s Pest Control Team provides a range of pest control treatments for residents who live in Sandwell.

Bookings for treatments can be made online using your MySandwell account.  If you do not have a MySandwell account, you can book a pest control treatment by calling our contact centre on 0121 3681177 Option 2.

You can find our charges for the services we provide in the table below. Please note, we only provide the treatments listed.

A 50% reduction in the treatment charge will be applicable if the named person booking the treatment is in receipt of full or partial Council Tax benefit (not including ‘Single Person Occupancy’ reduction) for the property being treated.

Pest Type

Full cost of treatment

Reduced cost of treatment

Rats - treatment in gardens



Rats - treatment in properties £79 £39.50





Only between 1 July and 31 October












Insects (Other) 'Indoor Only' treatments for carpet beetles / moths



Call outs for advisory service and/or pest identification (no treatments undertaken)



Missed Appointments £39 £39

Important – Please read the information below before booking your appointment

When booking an appointment either on-line or by using our Contact Centre, payment will need to be made before your booking is confirmed.

If you indicate that you are in receipt of some level of Council Tax benefit and are the named person on the property’s Council Tax account, we will check you are entitled to the 50% reduced charge.

If we are unable to verify you are eligible for the reduced charge, you will be notified and your booking will be cancelled and a refund will be made. You will then have to book another appointment and make the full payment for the treatment.

Please be aware that if bookings are made for rat treatments in gardens (free of charge) and our officers determine that the infestation relates to other pests or the actual requirement is for rat treatments in your property, no treatment will be undertaken. You will be required to book a new appointment for appropriate pest treatment.

If you book an appointment for our advisory / pest identification service, please note that this does not include any treatment costs. Should our Pest Control Officer identify a pest infestation that you require us to treat, a new booking for that treatment will need to be made.

Treatments offered for unoccupied properties will still be charged at the rates shown above.

We reserve the right to retain a missed appointment fee if, when our Pest Control Officer attends your property and you are not in and therefore the treatment cannot be undertaken. Any refund of the charge already paid will be reduced by £39.00.

Booking availability

Please be aware that only a limited number of Pest Control appointments are available each working day. Demand on our service is very high – especially during the spring and summer months – therefore the earliest available appointment slots are those offered when you book a pest control treatment on our Customer Portal or via our Contact Centre. Only in exceptional circumstances will the service consider bringing forward appointments. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis.

We do not provide treatments for the pests listed below. By clicking on the link for each pest, your will find useful information and advice on how you can deal with these pests:

Please note, we do not provide a service removing dead carcasses other than rodents where we have completed a treatment. 

Important information about your pest control treatment

Some of our treatments involve the use of rodenticides. 

Information is provided on precautions you must take during and after treatments have been undertaken within the additional information below relating to each type of pest treatment. Please ensure you make yourself aware of this information and download a copy of our printable antidote card: -

Download our printable antidote card