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We know how energy bills are going up. Here are some tips you can use in your home to cut your bills and be more energy efficient.

Struggling to heat your home? Get advice

Warmer Homes West Midlands offers personalised energy advice service to households who are currently struggling to heat their home.

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More energy saving tips

Turn your thermostat down

One of the easiest things you can do to save on energy is to turn your thermostat down. Ideally you should heat your home to a temperature of at least 18 °C. This is particularly important if you have reduced mobility, are 65 or over, or have a health condition, such as heart or lung disease. Having room temperatures slightly over 18 °C could be good for your health. Find out more about keeping your home warm.

Adjust your boiler temperature

An average household could save around £112 per year in energy bills by adjusting the boiler flow settings to 60 degrees or below. Turning down the flow temperature on a combi boiler is quick, free and easy to do. It can be changed back instantly if necessary, so there is nothing to lose by trying it. Visit the Money Saving Boiler Challenge website for more details.

Replace bulbs with LEDs

LED bulbs use about half the energy of the bigger fluorescent spiral ‘energy-saving bulbs’. So, when its time to replace your bulbs, consider LED replacements.

Plug those gaps

Where there is a draught, see if you can block it. Could you use door sealant? Or use a draft excluder to keep the cold out?

Wash clothes more efficiently

Try to do fewer loads and make sure you fill up the machine each time you run it.

Only boil the water you need

The more water you boil, the more energy you use. Only boil the water you need each time.

Don’t leave your devices on standby

The Energy Saving Trust suggests up to £40 a year saving by switching devices off standby

Use your radiator thermostats

If you have them use them, you may not need to heat every room.

Bleed your radiators

You should bleed your radiators regularly to prevent air being trapped inside. Air being trapped makes the heating system less efficient.

Insulate your hot water cylinder

If you have a hot water cylinder that is uninsulated, it will be losing heat. This means the water inside cools down more quickly. Fitting a hot water jacket could save around £40 a year.

Keep an eye on your boiler pressure

This tells you the pressure of the water circulating in the heating system. If this is too slow, it will make your system inefficient and using more energy to heat your home.

Make sure you are receiving the income you are entitled to

You can get advice about benefits, and claiming help that you may be entitled to, by contacting our Welfare Rights Team.

Stay fire safe

West Midlands Fire Service have some top tips to help you stay fire safe while you're trying to reduce the cost of heating or lighting your home.