Elected: Andy Street, The Conservative Party Candidate

Final West Midlands-wide result

Candidate Party First stage votes Second stage votes Total Votes
Street, Andrew John The Conservative Party Candidate 299,318 15,351 314,669
Byrne, Liam Labour and Co-operative Party 244,009 23,617 267,626

How people voted in Sandwell

First preference

Candidate Party Number of first preference votes in Sandwell


Labour and Co-operative
CAUDWELL Steve Green Party 2,590
DURNELL Pete Reform UK 2,281
STREET Andy The Conservative Party
WILKINSON Jenny Liberal Democrats 1,637

Voter turnout in Sandwell: 29%
Total number of first preference votes counted: 67,443
Total number of rejected votes: 1,927

As no one achieved 50% across the West Midlands, the Labour and Conservative candidates are carried forward to the second stage. The ballot papers from the other candidates are then redistributed in accordance with their second preference votes. Any for the top two candidates are added to their first stage totals.

Second preference votes in Sandwell

  • BYRNE Liam, Labour and Co-operative Party: 1,916 (Total votes 34,961)
  • STREET Andy, The Conservative Party Candidate: 1,401 (Total votes 29,291)
  • Rejected 958