If you have a change in your circumstances that means that you have overpaid on your Council Tax bill, you may be entitled to claim a refund. 

Examples of when this can happen are: 

•    You have been awarded a discount or exemption
•    You have been awarded Council Tax Reduction
•    You have changed address and believe you have overpaid your Council Tax

If someone has passed away, please use our Tell Us Once service which will automatically notify all relevant council departments of the death. We will process any refunds due following receipt of this notification. 

Please note – If you have any other Council Tax accounts that are in arrears, we will transfer any credit to these accounts to offset these debts before we consider processing your refund. 

You cannot claim a Council Tax refund if your bin hasn’t been collected or if you don’t wish to pay for certain council services.

Claim a refund of overpaid Council Tax