Join the Sandwell Residents' Panel

How to join the Sandwell Residents' Panel

You can join the Sandwell Residents' Panel by signing up a MySandwell Account. This is an opportunity for you to tell us your views about the services and issues that matter to you and help shape our plans for Sandwell.  We will listen to your feedback and look at ways to improve. Your feedback is valuable to us.
To be a panel member, you must:

  • live in Sandwell
  • be aged 18 or older

We ask for your feedback through a maximum of 6 surveys and engagement exercises a year. You can choose what topics and areas you would like to be involved with.

Your Area: being involved locally - influence what we do by becoming an Area Voice, take part in surveys or attend one-off local discussion groups

Your Voice: complete surveys, share ideas and suggestions and be involved in reviewing and improving our communications with residents

Your Services: Be part of our decision making through Task and Finish groups. Work with us to take an in-depth look at a specific area and make recommendations for improvement.

We appreciate that your time is valuable, so we'll make sure that we don't take up too much of your time. The role is unpaid, but we may run prize draws as an incentive for taking part.

The sorts of things we want to hear your views on may include;

  • Education in your area (Your Area)
  • Co-production and Co-design opportunities (Your Area)
  • Opportunities for children and young people (Your Voice)
  • The pressures facing families (Your Services)
  • How we travel, both now and in the future (Your Services)
  • The local environment and climate change (Your Area)
  • How we can create opportunities for jobs and growth (Your Voice)
  • The mental and physical health of people in Sandwell (Your Voice)
  • Local services and amenities (Your Services)
  • Feedback and views on marketing campaigns linked to council priorities (Your Voice)
  • Place Shaping and Place Marketing (Your Area)

What happens to my answers?
Your responses will be taken into account when decisions about services are made. We will also let you know the results of the surveys and the outcomes through a newsletter and on our website. Individual responses will remain confidential and you can opt out at any time. Information about the council's privacy notice.

Contact us 
If you require a printed copy of the sign up form or if you have any questions, please email

General Terms of Membership

  • Membership of the panel will be limited to adults (18 yrs +) who reside within Sandwell's 6 towns catchment area 
  • The Panel will be open to all Sandwell Residents' who create a MySandwell account 
  • Panel members will always be expected to behave in a responsible manner; to be as accurate as possible in their response to research questions; and not to provide any inappropriate, malicious, or defamatory content.
  • As with all forms of market and opinion research, your participation is always voluntary. Panel members have no obligation to take part in every study and may choose the ones they wish to take part in.
  • Any answers you give to any survey will remain confidential unless you specifically give your consent to the contrary. No personal information is collected during any survey without your prior knowledge and consent.
  • Unsubscribing from the Panel. If you change your mind and you no longer wish to be a member of the Residents’ Panel, please email