Overview and scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny is the process whereby executive decision-makers are held to account. Overview and Scrutiny Boards also have an important role to play in the council’s policy and budget development process. Overview and Scrutiny Boards must be made up of councillors who are not members of the Cabinet and must reflect the political balance of the council.

The council has five Overview and Scrutiny Boards to oversee council services. One of the Boards also scrutinises local health services, undertaking many of the council’s health scrutiny functions.

We currently have the following scrutiny boards:

These boards can look at all sorts of topics and issues affecting Sandwell.

Suggest a topic for scrutiny to look at

If you have any suggestions of important issues you think the boards should look at, please let us know by emailing democratic_services@sandwell.gov.uk with details. Please remember, this shouldn't be about personal complaints or issues specific to a person/family.