Find out about the various committees and decision making bodies of the council and the councillors who represent you.

You can find details about decisions that have been made, meetings that are being held soon and information about your local councillors by clicking the link below.


Benefits of Modern.Gov

  • Drives paperless working and supports the Vision 2030 and Corporate Plan digital initiatives
  • Ensures transparency and accountability by tracking decisions and actions with a clear audit trail
  • Automated workflow for officers to generate reports and explain decisions
  • Allows members and officers to update their register of interests with ease
  • Cost-effective and increases productivity for officers
  • Improves citizen engagement with online tools for public participation.
  • Enables hybrid meetings (alongside new AV equipment)
  • You can subscribe to topics of interest, including the work of other authorities
  • There's a free app for users to access and annotate reports, agendas and papers
  • Easy for members, residents and officers to find out about the work of the council.

Find out more about the benefits and core features and watch the Modern Gov video.