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Events in Sandwell – Organising an Event

Well run, safe, and accessible and inclusive events on council owned land are a positive benefit to our communities and for residents. Events are usually run by:
  • Sandwell Council Events Team: with a programme of ticketed events (such as Dartmouth Park Bonfire and Illuminations), civic events (such as supporting Remembrance Sunday), and community events (such as christmas light switch ons)
  • Internal Sandwell Councill services: with a programme of small to large events, including libraries, museums, public health, neighbourhoods, youth services and others. 
  • Community groups and residents: from street parties and street meets (for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee) to Friends Groups running events in parks. 
  • Commercial enterprises and event organisers: from fairs and circuses, to concerts and marathons. 
Events that use Sandwell Council land or property – whether run by Sandwell Council or external organisations – must go through an event application and decision-making process as part of our Event Governance Framework. This includes internal Sandwell Council departments.

What type of events need an event application? 

  • All events that use council land or property above 100 people. 
  • All events that use council land or property below 100 people that require road closures, have significant safety risks, or potential negative community impact. 
Not sure if your event requires an application? Email us.

What do I need to do to make an application? 

The initial application is simple

What happens with my event application?

Your application will be reviewed by the events team and you may be asked to provide additional documents or information. Once your event application has been checked and has all the information needed, a decision will be made about the event approval. Event approvals are: 
Event Type Safety Advisory Group Resident Consultation Event Approval
Small events or sports activities No No - Automatic
- If does not meet all conditions, manual approval required
Events Below 500 People
Events Below 100 People Only if triggers SAG No - Event Manager Approval
Events Above 100 People Yes Notification of event, if temporary impact - Event Manager Approval
- Service Manager Approval
Events Above 500 People
Events Above 500 people – limited community impact Yes Notification of event, if temporary impact - Service Manager Approval 
- Director Approval
Events Above 500 People – Community Impact Yes Resident impact assessment - Service Manager Approval 
- Director Approval 
- Cabinet Member Consultation
Events Above 5,000 People
Events Above 5,000 People (one day) Yes Resident impact assessment - Director Approval 
- Cabinet Member Approval
Events Above 5,000 People (multiple days) Yes Resident impact assessment - Director Approval 
- Cabinet Approval

Why do I need to go through an application and decision-making process?

The Event Governance Framework makes sure that we are following good checks and balances, transparency and fairness, for the decision making and planning of events, no matter who is organising them. Sandwell Council run events also go through the same decision-making process.

Will I be charged a fee if I am running an event?

If you are running an event on council owned land or property, and making an application, you will need to pay the same fee as any other event organiser. You should make sure to include these costs in your budget when planning to run an event.

How do you make sure events are safe and well run?

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is made up of council officers responsible for road safety, community safety, regulatory services, event management, and representatives from the emergency services and other organisations. This group reviews all events that require it and make recommendations to keep an event safe and well run. SAG do not approve or reject events – but a decision to approve an event is likely to be on condition of meeting of meeting the SAG recommendations.

Additional Resources and Help 

View all our event resources, including fees and charges, event organisers guide, and other information.