An Enforcement Agent has contacted me. Can I still make a payment to the Council?

Where a Council Tax liability order has been passed to our Enforcement Agents to be collected, they will add additional costs to the debt.

  • Those liable for Council Tax have to pay a £75 Compliance Fee as soon as the Council passes an unpaid account to the agent for collection. This fee is payable on each Liability Order
  • Those liable for Council Tax will also have to pay a further Enforcement Fee of a least £235 if they do not make arrangements to pay or fail to make payments and a visit becomes necessary. This is a one off fee regardless of the number of outstanding Liability Orders
  • Those liable for Council Tax will also have to pay a minimum further £110 Sale or Disposal fee if the case reaches that stage
  • A further 7.5% fee will also be charged on any additional amount above £1500, excluding fees, this is though only chargeable at the Enforcement and/or Sale & Disposal stages

All further payments should be made directly to the Enforcement Agents office.

Failing to do this may lead to the Enforcement Agent being unaware that you have made a payment and could lead to further costs being added to the amount you owe. If you have not already done so, you must now contact the Enforcement Agent to discuss payment. Sandwell Council employ three Enforcement Agent companies: Bristow & Sutor, Rundles and Newlyn.

Why have I received a notice from an Enforcement Agent/Bailiff?

The Council has decided that the best way to recover the outstanding Council Tax is by using an Enforcement Agent (previously known as bailiffs). The Enforcement Agent has sent you a notice to make you aware that they are now collecting Council Tax on behalf of Sandwell Council in relation to the Liability Order issued by the Magistrates Court.

Further costs may have already been added to your bill for this. You must now contact the Enforcement Agent Company direct to make arrangements for payment.

Failing to contact the Enforcement Agent may lead to the Enforcement Agent removing your possessions in order for them to be sold to pay off the debt. This will again lead to further costs being added to your bill. All payments relating to the debt and costs being collected by the Enforcement Agent must be paid to them. They will continue collection until the Council Tax debt and costs have been paid in full.

What additional costs or fees will be added once my case is passed to Enforcement Agent/Bailiff?

Under the Taking Control of Goods (Fee) Regulations 2014 (SI 2014 No 1) there are fixed fees (shown above) that an Enforcement Agent can charge a debtor when collecting a Council Tax debt.