Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – LA Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex) Guidance Notes for Installers, Canvassers and Contractors

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – LA Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex)

Guidance Notes for Installers, Canvassers and Contractors

  1. Installers interested in working in the Borough of Sandwell should in the first instance contact the Council’s Regeneration & Growth Directorate on 0121 569 5396/5169 or email
  2. Providing satisfactory completion of relevant checks, the Council will provide referral forms for completion by the surveyor and householder for all potential LA Flex applications.
  3. Installers will need to share their data processing agreement with Sandwell Council.
  4. The Council discourages installers and canvassing companies from undertaking cold calling. We suggest that householders should initially be contacted via phone, email, letter or a leaflet drop and provided with the above council contact details so that they can contact us for verification of the scheme.
  5. Any complaints received from householders regarding cold calling, pressure selling and false claims could result in no further Declarations being processed by the Council and referral to Trading Standards for further investigation.
  6. Householders should be advised that ECO4 LA Flex is a private sector led scheme and that funding for any measures is awarded by energy suppliers, not the Council. They should also be informed that the Council has limited involvement and is not responsible for awarding funding, appointing contractors, installing works, or checking the quality of work undertaken.
  7. Installers and canvassers must not use any Council branding, or suggest that they are working on behalf of the Council.
  8. Installers must leave their contact details, including named contact, telephone number and email address, with the householder. Please advise the householder that if they wish to check on progress or raise any concerns that they should contact you and not Sandwell Council.
  9. You must advise householders of any works and additional costs which cannot be grant funded and explain to them that they may have to cover these costs. Householders must be informed that they are not obliged to proceed with the scheme.
  10. All installers and contractors will be expected to comply with the Data Protection Act and consent obtained from the householder to share their personal information.
  11. You will need to undertake work in accordance with Ofgem requirements and act in accordance with industry best practice in relation to consumer care and quality standards.
  12. Sandwell Council’s involvement is to check that based on the information provided, the householder meets the qualifying criteria as detailed in Sandwell MBC’s Statement of Intent and to issue a Declaration to the installer. Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council accepts no responsibility or liability resulting from any damage or loss arising from an ECO4 LA Flex application. Neither does it endorse any specific energy supplier, installer or company connected to the application or installation of ECO4 LA Flex grants or measures.
  13. All enquiries for ECO4 LA Flex measures should be submitted using the referral forms provided and sent to: for consideration. If the household meets the criteria Declaration will be issued.
  14. Monthly reports must be submitted to listing all applications and ongoing status.