Commercial waste is any waste that comes from a business activity, whether it's cardboard and packaging from a shop or warehouse, a small amount of waste paper from an office or by-products from a factory. 

Businesses have a duty of care to dispose of their commercial waste properly using a licensed carrier and if it isn't disposing of its waste properly we can investigate and take action.

 Duty of care for a business means that the business must:

  • use a licensed carrier to dispose of their waste (such as a trade waste contract)
  • do everything they can to reduce, reuse and recycle 
  • sort and store their waste safely and securely.

What is the problem?

A business could be committing an offence if they:

  • dispose of rubbish in public bins
  • leave waste around bins or outside their or someone else's property
  • put waste into another business's bins instead of their own
  • burn its waste
  • take waste home to dispose of in a domestic bin or household wheelie bin.

Reporting a commercial waste problem

If a business isn't disposing of its waste properly, please report it to us.

Report dumped rubbish (fly-tipping)

Other types of illegally dumped waste is known as fly-tipping. Fly-tipping might be household rubbish, garden waste, mattresses, construction materials (like bricks and rubble) or electrical items (fridges and freezers).