Download the Sandwell Prevent Community Toolkit pack

This community resource pack has been designed based on feedback from the Sandwell community. A series of information on Prevent has been put together through posters, booklets and a session which explain what Prevent is and how it works.

This toolkit includes,

  • ‘What is Prevent' booklet - a myth-busting booklet
  • A signs and symbols booklet (available on request)
  • A 30 minute Prevent Awareness Session that can be delivered by Community leaders to their groups
  • A range of posters that can be placed in any organisation.  The posters highlight different themes and are called:
  • 'Terrorism Has No Face'
  • ‘What is Radicalisation'
  • ‘Can someone be a terrorist online?'
  • 'Do you have the missing piece of the puzzle?' poster

Please download the resources and use them in your organisations to help fight extremism and terrorism in Sandwell. Any questions, please email