Hate crime lesson plan (for schools)

In Sandwell, we take a robust stance against all forms of hate crime to ensure that Sandwell is a welcoming and safe place for all. As part of our work, we aim to raise awareness of hate crime amongst all members of the community including young people.

A hate crime lesson plan has been developed for teachers and school liaison officers (SLOs) which can be used in classroom settings in secondary schools to deliver a comprehensive 1-hour lesson on the topic of hate crime. It is anticipated that upon the delivery of this, students will learn and have a greater understanding of:

  • What stereotyping is
  • What a hate crime is
  • The impact of hate crime
  • The different forms in which hate crime can take place
  • The barriers to reporting a hate crime
  • The importance of reporting hate crime
  • What Hate Crime Third Party Reporting Centre are
  • Where to get support in Sandwell

Hate Crime Lesson Plan

Hate crime workshop toolkit (for organisations)

Below organisations will find everything which you need to run a workshop or training session to raise awareness of hate crime for the people you support, your staff or volunteers. 

Workshop Slides


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Workshop Promotional Flyer

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