Being a Parent is one of THE most rewarding jobs you will ever have, but there are challenges along the way and it is fine to admit that sometimes we all need a little bit of help and advice.

That is where Changes can help.

Changes is Sandwell’s very own programme to help parents throughout their parenting journey. There are sessions on the Early Years, the Primary School Years and the Secondary School Years.

At each course, parents will look at their own life story and how personal experiences can impact on parenting. We will provide you with the opportunities to learn and improve your parenting skills, helping you understand your children's needs and helping you cope with present and future difficulties.

We will share hints and tips on communication, rules and routines, supporting better behaviour, preparing for school, safer internet usage and much more. We will also share with you the wealth of agencies and facilities that Sandwell has to offer all families.

The course is also a chance to meet and share experiences with other parents and to make new friends.

The Changes Programme takes place across various venues in Sandwell. 

Parenting classes and support in Sandwell

The Family Information Service (FIS) will also have information about other parenting programmes available in Sandwell including The Solihull Approach and Triple P

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