If you have a disability, mobility problems or other reason you can't put your own bins out, we may be able to help you.

We call this an assisted bin collection.

To request or renew an assisted collection you will need to:

  • Agree to our assisted collection policy 
  • Let us know why you think you need it
  • Let us know how long you need it for, the maximum time is 3 years, after this you need to reapply
  • Use the same form if you need to renew or extend the service

Request an assisted bin collection

If you feel that where you live makes it difficult for you to move your bins, we may need to visit you to make sure an assisted collection is the right thing for you. Very occasionally, in consultation with the householder, we will change the way that we collect waste or recycling from your property.

Once an assisted collection is approved, a suitable collection point on the property will be agreed with the householder, subject to a number of access criteria.  The bin collection crew(s) will retrieve and return the containers to this point each collection day.

Assisted collections are restricted to those households who are in genuine need and apply to a property for a maximum of three years. If a household still needs the service after this period they need to reapply.  A household can reapply within 1 month of the end of the service to avoid a break in the service. 

Temporary Assisted Collection

In some circumstances a household may need assistance with the bins for a period of less than 3 years for example following an operation or other health related issue.

A household can apply for an assisted collection for a temporary period of 3 or 12 months. Where this is applied for the household should inform the council as soon as their condition changes and the assisted collection is no longer required.

Where an assisted collection is not possible

Where the standard bin containers have been provided but an assisted collection cannot be provided due to the topography ie, location of steps or slopes to access the bin,  the service may need to change the type of container or in the case of the garden waste collection, not be able to provide the service. Before withdrawing a service we will consult with the householder.   

Cancelling an assisted bin collection 

When the resident(s) moves property or other people move in, they should let us know by calling the Council Service Centre on 0121 368 1177.

Where we receive information from other residents or suspect that a property no longer qualifies for an assisted collection, we will remove the service and ask the customer to reapply giving details about why they need service. We reserve the right to withdraw the service in instances where there is evidence that it is not applicable to the property.