Collection Frequency

As of the 1 January 2023 the Council’s waste partner, Serco provides the following waste collection service to domestic properties:  

  • A weekly collection of general household waste
  • A weekly collection of food waste
  • A weekly collection of mixed dry recyclables
  • A fortnightly chargeable collection of garden waste. Suspended during winter months.

You can check your bin day - all you need is either your house number (or house name) and postcode.

Please be aware that the fortnightly garden waste collection dates are only available when a household has subscribed to the garden waste collection service.

This bin day finder only gives bin day information for households that have kerbside bin collections. Flats, apartments, sheltered housing and homes with communal bin stores will be offered recycling services at a later date. If you are a business, please contact Trade Waste.

When is my bin day?

Collection Time

Residents are required to put out their bins by 06:45 (October to May) and 05:30 (June to September) on the scheduled day of collection when collection rounds commence. The collection time for any property cannot be guaranteed and is subject to traffic, road works and other local events which may delay a collection or lead to changes to the order that streets are visited.   

Where possible if a resident tries to report a missed collection before the round is completed, an appropriate message will be displayed such as ‘Round Not Completed’ so that the customer is aware of a delay.

Poor/dangerous weather conditions may lead us to revise the collection start and/or finish times for a temporary period to reduce risks to both staff and the general public from collection operations. Such as:

During hot weather – an earlier start has been implemented during summer months to reduce staff exposure to extreme heat and/or sun and vehicle breakdowns during the hottest times of the day.  

During cold weather - a later start than 06.30 may be implemented to allow temperatures to rise to reduce ice on roads and/or pavements, to reduce both staff slipping injury and vehicle collision due to sliding on ice.

Communal bin properties

Collections for properties that use shared communal bins will be emptied on a regular basis and frequency and collection day will be subject to property circumstances.