Hardship Payments

If your benefit is sanctioned, suspended or disallowed or there is delay in making a decision on your claim you may be entitled to reduced rate hardship payments. The amount received is reduced by 40% of a person applicable amount or 20% in certain circumstances. Payments are not made for the first two weeks unless your situation is considered vulnerable.

Income Support
Income support is a means tested benefit or income related benefit, intended to provide certain living expenses for you or your partner if you have one. It can be paid on its own or as a top up with certain other benefits or for people who's earning are low and when income is below the applicable amount set for them.

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
This is benefit that someone can claim if you have an injury at work.

Job Seeker's Allowance
Job Seeker's Allowance is paid to people from the age of 18 who are actively seeking employment. You can receive contribution based job seeker's allowance or income based job seeker's allowance dependent upon you and/or your partners circumstances.

Maternity Allowance
Maternity Allowance can be payable in some circumstances when statutory maternity cannot be paid by you employer.

Pension Credit
Pension Credit is a means tested benefit for people who have reached a qualifying age. It can top up your income to the minimum level set by the government. Please check the online calculator.

Personal Independence Payment
This is a non means tested benefit which has replaced disability living allowance for people who are disabled either physically or mentally and who need extra care and support with their daily living. It is made up of two components, mobility and care. If you have certain care needs and problems outdoors you may qualify for personal independent payments.

Retirement Pension
This benefit is based on you national insurance contribution and paid when you reach retirement age.