Sandwell Community History and Archives Service works to ensure that written, oral and visual records of Sandwell are collected, recorded, preserved and made accessible to current and future generations.

Our collections

We are the record office for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, a place of deposit for public records (such as court and coroner's records), and the record office for churches within the Warley Deanery.

We also collect many other types of records, created by individuals, businesses and groups. Our collections include

  • Family letters and diaries
  • Photographs
  • Maps and plans
  • Minutes and reports
  • Newsletters and pamphlets
  • Deeds and other legal documents

Things that we do not collect

Our collection policy and limited space means that we cannot accept everything that is offered to us. We do not collect:

  • Objects and artefacts
  • Formats, such as cinema film, that we do have the correct storage or viewing facilities to hold
  • Records of low historical value
  • Duplicate material
  • Modern administrative records that are in current or semi-current use

Even if we cannot accept your offer we are still very grateful for your support and may be able to give advice on finding an alternative place of deposit.

Making a deposit

If you are interested in depositing with us then please contact us. If we agree to accept your items then you will be asked to complete a deposit form. It is important that we have on record full and accurate details, so please ensure that you provide as much information as possible. It is especially useful for us to have as many backgroud details as possible.

Once we have received the items we will create an accession record and send a letter of acknowledgement. We will then box and safeguard the material in our storerooms.