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TravelWise in Sandwell

Welcome to Sandwell's TravelWise page, where you can find information for making journeys by low carbon and healthy methods of transport, such as cycling, walking, public transport and car sharing.  There is also travel related assistance for businesses and schools, and information for people and organisations making planning applications.

Travel Information 

Find people to car share with - free

Plan a public transport journey

Plan a cycle journey

Plan a walking journey

Alternatives to travel - homeworking, teleworking

Business travel in Sandwell

Sandwell Council can help your company to set up a travel plan which could reduce the costs of commuting and business travel.  Ask your company to sign up to Sandwell Company TravelWise, it's free to join.

Email or phone 0121 569 4261 for more information.

School travel in Sandwell

Every school in Sandwell has a school travel plan to encourage parents, pupils and school staff to be TravelWise and to provide travel advice when pupils are changing schools, moving into the world of employment or going to college. Schools can register with Modeshift STARS for free and automatically have a brand new national standard school travel plan.

Further advice about Sandwell's Home to School Transport Policy and Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (SMOTS) is available on Sandwell Council's website.

Transport policy

The West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) is responsible for formulating transport strategy and policy, incorporating strategic highways, Midland Metro, freight, rail, bus and rapid transit networks.  The Strategic Transport Plan "Movement for Growth" is currently being produced by the ITA.

The current Local Transport Plan for the West Midlands sets out how transport will be improved and supports the development of a TravelWise transport system. 

The Black Country Core Strategy is a spatial planning document that deals with the environmental, economic and social issues aspects of land use and sets out the vision, objectives and strategy for future development in the Black Country to 2026.

Planning applications and transport

The Black Country Core Strategy aims to make sure that developments are well served by transport in a sustainable way. To assist with this aim, Sandwell Council has adopted a Supplmentary Planning Document (SPD) called The Preparation of Transport Assessments and Travel Plans. Developers are advised to consult this document to make sure that people can maximise the use of sustainable transport methods to access workplaces, residential developments, schools and other land uses. Sandwell's Cycling SPG provides advice on cycle parking and other development issues.

Further information about transport and TravelWise in Sandwell:

Telephone: 0121 569 4894 or 0121 569 4889

Email: transport@sandwell.gov.uk

News and events about sustainable travel in the West Midlands are listed on the Smart Network, Smarter Choices website.