Tenancy Changes for Landlords

If tenancies change in properties that you own, it's important you tell us as soon as possible so we can send bills for Council Tax. Please note if the tenancy change is more than 14 days ahead of today’s date do not complete our online tenancy change form.

Once we have all of the details, we will send out new Council Tax bills within seven working days.

You should only complete this form if you are a landlord or letting agent who is reporting changes to a property that you own or manage. You can use this form to tell us about tenants moving into or out of your properties as well as any period where the property remains empty.

Please note that where properties are empty, you will be asked to confirm if the property is unfurnished, part furnished or furnished.  If your property is furnished to the extent that it could be lived in but remains empty you should select the furnished option.  In any other instance please select the unfurnished option.

Please note that completing this form will not automatically stop a customer’s Housing Benefit. You should contact the benefits team in order to avoid an overpayment of Housing Benefit. 

Report a change in tenancy

If you are not a landlord or letting agent and want to report a change of address please go to our change of address page and fill in one of our forms.