Look out for your voter registration letter

We've written to every household in Sandwell to make sure the electoral register is up to date. Please confirm your details as soon as you can →

Business rates change of address

If you change your business address, it's important you tell us as soon as possible so we can send you a bill for business rates. Please note however if your business move is more than fourteen days ahead of today's date do not complete any of our online move forms.

Once we have all of your details, we will send you your new business rates bill within ten working days.

If you are moving from one address within Sandwell to another address within Sandwell then you will need to complete both forms. 

Moving to Sandwell

If your business is moving to Sandwell from outside the borough please complete this online form.

Tell us you are moving to Sandwell

Moving out of Sandwell

If your business is moving out of the borough to an address outside Sandwell please complete this online form.

Tell us you are moving out of Sandwell

In order to complete any of the online move forms you will need to provide details of the address that you are moving to. If you are unsure of the full address details of the property that you are moving to please use the Royal Mail postcode finder to assist you.