Official local land charge searches

The Local Land Charge Section carries out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975, guaranteeing comprehensive replies to official LLC1 and CON29 enquiries.

Please note that all full residential Local Authority Searches (LLC1 and Con29) deposited will receive a Limestone report, copies of Approved Town Planning Decision Notices, Tree Preservation Order, Listed Building, Conservation Area Plans, Building Regulation Approval Notices and Completion Certificates free of charge.

The Law Society, which regulates solicitors, encourages the use of official searches and considers that alternative personal searches of the statutory register, disclosing only limited information, should only be undertaken with the approval of the client when time does not permit official searches.

You are advised to confirm with your solicitor that an official search has been undertaken and to inspect the Certificate of Official Search.

We encourage you to apply online for your Local Authority Search or email us ( with the property address and your telephone number and we will contact you for payment. Once we are in receipt of your payment, we will email your completed search back to you.  This will reduce the cost of postage, printing and is offered at a reduced rate.

You may also submit by post or DX using the details on our contact page.

Find out the fees and charges, including discounts offered, relating to local land charge searches.  Please note that any payable service requests received after 11am on 30 March 2017, VAT is to be included on all Con29 information to be provided.  Here is an amended copy of the fees and charges in preparation for the change over.

We've published our customer service standards which detail what you can expect from using our service.