We have a duty to involve our customers in decisions that affect them and the area they live, work or study in.

As well as local people and service users, our customers include local businesses, voluntary groups and visitors to Sandwell.

Current consultations

You can view a full list of current consultations on our consultation database.

Accommodation for people over 55 with specialist housing needs

Sandwell Council is consulting on further plans to improve accommodation for people over 55 with specialist housing needs. The council currently runs extra care housing schemes – Holly Grange in Smethwick and Manifoldia Grange in West Bromwich. These buildings are over 30 years old and in need of significant investment. In line with our 2030 Vision, we want to ensure all our homes meet a full range of housing and support needs.

After careful consideration, we are proposing to close Manifoldia & Holly Granges over the next 18 months and invest in the development of a new, larger specialist build extra care housing scheme.  A Cabinet meeting on 20 November 2019 approved recommendations to commence a consultation exercise with both tenants and staff at both of these establishments.

We want to gather feedback from:

  • Residents living in Holly Grange and Manifoldia Grange
  • Family members and carers
  • Staff who work at Holly Grange and Manifoldia Grange and wider professionals
  • Tenants and residents who live nearby
  • The wider public

We want to know what you think so that when a decision is made it takes in to account as many views as possible. You can either email or complete the online survey. We must receive all comments and feedback by 23 February 2020.

The future of Brandhall Golf Course

The council has been looking into the current use and condition of Brandhall Golf Course, as well as assessing how many local people play golf or want to play golf. What we have found is that usage of Brandhall Golf Course has reduced significantly over recent years and memberships at the course are also much lower than expected. The course is in poor condition and would cost around £3 million to improve to an appropriate standard.

Taking this into account, the council is proposing that Brandhall Golf Course and club house are closed, and that the site be used to provide services and amenities that are of better use to the local community. The council is seeking your views on the proposals for the future of Brandhall Golf Course.

Housing Allocations Policy Consultation

Sandwell Council’s Housing Allocation Policy was last reviewed in March 2013, and due to changes to homelessness legislation a further review is required. Further information on the proposed changes and the Housing Allocations Policy consultation.

Theatre in the Park

Sandwell Council are planning to hold a ‘theatre in the park’ event in June 2020 and we are currently carrying out some research to help us put together the best possible show. Please fill in the survey about Theatre in the Park

If you would like any further information, please call Sandwell Museum & Art Service on 0121 556 0683.


Statutory consultations

Statutory consultations go on from time to time. These range from proposed road closures to changes in licensing laws.