Bulky waste - what we can collect

Before you book

On your collection day, you need to make sure your items are:

  • Out for collection by 6.45am
  • Empty
  • Not left out in the rain if they will become heavy when wet (for example, mattresses and sofas)
  • Left at the closest point on your property next to the road (all items need to be placed together)
  • Accessible - so not behind a gate or door
  • The items you have booked - you can't swap items
  • Not going to cause damage to the vehicle compactor
  • Not over six feet on any side, apart from carpet or floor covering which when folded must be under six feet in length
  • Able to be lifted and carried by a team of two from the collection point up to the collection vehicle

Please note, once you book a bulky waste collection you cannot cancel it.

Household items

  • Wardrobes, dressing tables, chests of drawers, bedside cabinets or drawers - these should be free standing and not part of a fitted suite
  • Tables, chairs and desks - each item is counted separately
  • Sofas and armchairs - each item is counted as one item.   A three piece suite is counted as 3 items
  • Beds - a bed frame and headboard are counted as two items and any loose slats should be bundled and tied or taped together
  • Mattresses (any size mattress counts as one item)
  • Large children's toys
  • Doors - all glass needs to be removed 
  • Fireplaces (not metal, concrete or marble)
  • Carpets and linoleum - these need to be rolled or folded.   If the roll of carpet is longer than six feet in length, it needs to be folded.  One roll equals one item
  • Laminate flooring -  needs to be bundled and tied or taped together
  • Window frames - only if glass has been removed
  • Bicycles
  • Furniture items that include glass doors or shelves - only if the glass is less than 2 x 2 feet in size, and is wrapped and taped securely to stop it causing injury when the item is crushed in the collection vehicle

Kitchen appliances

  • Cookers, extraction hoods, microwave ovens, tumble dryers and dishwashers
  • Integrated kitchen appliances - each item is counted separately, so that a hob and oven count as 2 items
  • Extraction equipment - each item is counted separately so that an extraction hood and ducting count as 2 items
  • Washing machines - the concrete block at the bottom will need to be removed as this will damage the compacting machinery of the collection vehicle
  • Fridges and freezers - each stand alone item is counted separately, so if you want a collection for a separate fridge and a freezer these count as two items. If you have a combined fridge/freezer, this counts as one item. Residents booking a fridge or freezer collection are assured that their old appliance will be safely dismantled by an Environment Agency licensed reprocessor.

Other electrical items

  • Televisions
  • Hoovers
  • DVD players or video players

Garden bulky items

  • Garden furniture (each item counts as one item, so that a table plus 4 chairs is 5 items)
  • Wooden fencing - each panel counts as one item, if the panel is broken, any broken slats should be securely tied into bundles (smaller pieces can be placed in your domestic waste bin)
  • Planks of wood (each plank counts as one item but smaller pieces should be securely tied into bundles, each bundle counts as one item)
  • Rabbit hutches and dog kennels (subject to the size restriction)

Check what we can't collect

Check prices and book your bulky waste collection

Please note, once you book a bulky waste collection you cannot cancel it.