Report a lost or damaged bin

Damaged bins

If any of your bins are damaged, please fill in this form to arrange for a repair.  If your bin cannot be repaired we will leave you a free replacement bin and collect your damaged one.

Report a damaged bin

Lost or stolen bins

There is a charge for replacement wheelie bins. We will replace brown food waste bins for free. Please check that your bin hasn't been taken in by a neighbouring property, before you order a new one.

Report a lost or stolen bin

Households with someone over the age of 60 are entitled to one free replacement grey, blue lid and green bin over a 12 month period if the bin has been lost or stolen. There will be a £5 delivery charge.

For anyone else the charge per bin is £12 (or £5 for concessions).

Container type and size Charge Concessions
Grey household waste bin £12 £5
Blue lid recycling bin £12 £5
Green garden waste bin £12 £5
Brown food waste bin No charge No charge

If you think your bin has been stolen, please see the advice at the bottom of the page. 

Request a larger or smaller bin

In some circumstances we can offer you a bigger (or smaller) bin - for example if you have a large family.

Request a bigger or smaller bin

Tips for residents

  • Put your bin on the edge of your property on your collection day
  • Number your bins if possible
  • Only leave your bins out on your collection day
  • Put out your blue lid recycling or grey refuse bins out when they are full
  • Bring in your bins as soon as you can after your collection
  • Store your bins out of sight - please see additional advice from the police below

West Midlands Police want to remind residents that burglars are always on the lookout for things to make it easier to break into properties. Please store your wheelie bins and anything else that could be climbed on behind locked gates.

If you chain your bins  together and attach them to something away from your home this will prevent them from being moved towards the house or other buildings. This will also prevent your bins being stolen and save you having to pay for replacement ones.

Remember, if you do chain your bins up when you store them between collections, you will need to unlock them and put them out at the edge of your property on your collection day.