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Bulky waste collections

We provide a bulky waste collection service for Sandwell residents living in houses or flats who have large household items such as furniture, fridges, freezers and other things that won't fit in your bin.

Our bulky collections do not include black bags or business waste

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Item(s) Price
1 bulky item  £12.32
2 to 4 bulky items  £18.50
5 to 8 bulky items  £36.99
Fridge and freezer collections (per item)  £12.32 per item

Please note: You will be given a provisional collection date when you start the bulky collection form. You can confirm this date once the form has been completed.

Each household with someone over 60 is entitled to one free collection of bulky waste up to four items or one fridge/freezer in any twelve month period. Fees will apply for second and subsequent collections.

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Other ways to dispose of bulky items

If your item is in good condition and can be reused, please try to:

  • sell it or give it away by using the internet or through your local newspaper or by asking your family and neighbours.
  • contact Community Transport who may collect it free of charge. They usually welcome reusable household items including furniture, fridges and beds and also general household items
  • take it to the Household Recycling Centre in Oldbury.