Future of Brandhall Golf Course

A six-week consultation has been held on the proposed closure of Brandhall Golf Course and club house and potential alternative uses for the site.

We were keen to hear what people thought and this consultation gave everyone the chance to have their say before a final decision is taken on the future of the course.

The consultation, which included an online survey and drop-in sessions in the local area, ran from Thursday 7 November 2019, ending on Thursday 19 December 2019.

Now the consultation has concluded, we will collate the responses and report back to a Cabinet meeting for councillors to consider.

We have also answered a number of questions people have asked during the consultation on the future of Brandhall Golf Course.

Background to the consultation

Sandwell Council has looked at the current use and condition of the golf course, as well as assessing how many local people play golf or want to play golf.

What we have found is that usage of Brandhall Golf Course has reduced significantly over recent years and memberships at the course are also much lower than expected. An external report commissioned by the Council found that the facility is in “a poor condition” and we estimate it would cost around £3 million to improve the course to an appropriate standard.

There are six other golf facilities in Sandwell, and more than 30 further golf facilities within a 20-minute drive of Sandwell.

The council is currently contributing £257,000 each year towards the running of the golf course, with the majority of golf members at Brandhall coming from outside of Sandwell. 

Taking this into account, the council is proposing that, subject to consultation, Brandhall Golf Course and club house are closed, and that the site be used to provide services and amenities that are of better use to your local community.

We have been looking into the local area’s needs and have found that the top priorities include:

  1. A new park
    Oldbury and the ward of Old Warley have the lowest amount of open space in Sandwell. The golf course is not considered open space as its use is restricted. We could provide a significantly sized park – potentially the size of Brunswick Park in Wednesbury – that the local community has open access to. This would be the first new major public park in Sandwell’s history.
  2. A brand-new school to replace Causeway Green Primary School
    As you may be aware, the school is in poor physical condition and it’s a priority to replace it. The school was severely damaged by flooding in May 2018, causing significant disruption. The site has historically suffered with flooding and, despite additional drainage systems being installed, it remains vulnerable to possible flooding in the future.
  3. Housing for local people
    There is a critical need for housing across Sandwell and the borough has a shortage of land suitable for building houses. Part of the site could be used to help provide some of the houses that are needed. The site could have a mix of housing types for the local community including affordable housing, varying sizes and a mix of rental and privately-owned properties. This would provide a variety of housing options for local people.

Should firm plans be drawn up to develop the site in the future, these would be subject to a master plan for the area and planning permission. Local people would be fully consulted before any decisions were taken.

If you have any questions about the consultation, please contact us at brandhall_consultation@sandwell.gov.uk