Sandwell Council is committed to providing excellent services to all tenants, residents and leaseholders throughout the borough. To ensure that high standards are reached and maintained we need you to have your say

As a council tenant, or leaseholder, you have the right to be consulted on matters affecting your tenancy and the housing services you receive. There are a variety of different methods available to you to have your say.

Sandwell Council have been working with partners, including tenants and leaseholders to co-design tenant involvement mechanisms and developing ways to build a strong and robust voice in Sandwell, as follows:

Tenant & Leaseholder Scrutiny Group
A formal group that will become part of the governance structure for Sandwell. It is the mechanism that Tenants & Leaseholders will use to hold the landlord to account by scrutinising performance.

Tenant Audit Programme
A pool of Tenants that will test the services using a range of different techniques. This will provide an independent tenant perspective on service delivery.

Building Safety Board
This is a regulatory requirement through the Building and Fire Safety Act. It is an established group of elected members and key officers. There is a requirement for tenant representation on this Board.

Building Safety Working Group
A panel made up of tenants and leaseholders to work with the Council to develop, implement, monitor and review the resident engagement strategy for building safety.

Tenant and Complaint Satisfaction
A requirement of the Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code to involve tenants in the analysis and review of complaints annually and publish the lessons learned

Task and Finish Groups
An opportunity for council tenants to get involved in specific subjects, or groups to come up with views, ideas and recommendations. This allows flexibility so that council tenants can influence areas without having to be committed for a long time but to focus on a specific task with a clear start and end.

Communication Group
An opportunity to develop a group to focus on how and what messages are communicated, but to also be a guide as to ensuring language is user friendly. Also, there is scope for the group to develop how the council engages with its tenant community as well as share positive stories from local neighbourhoods.

Tenant & Residents Groups
SCIPS (Sandwell Community Information and Participation Service) play an important role in setting up and supporting tenants in Sandwell, to be involved and to influence decisions affecting their homes and neighbourhoods.

  • To increase a sense of community identity
  • To campaign on issues which affect your neighbourhood
  • To have more say in the management of your neighbourhood

An opportunity for council tenants to be part of attending a facilitated discussion through the form of workshops to have their say on a topic/ issue.

All roles are voluntary, but you will get valuable experience, you will receive training and support to improve services for all our customers. You will gain confidence and skills to support your own personal development

If you would like to get involved with some of these activities to help us improve our services, or for further information please email us on: or call us on: 0121 569 2537