You can make alterations/changes to your home but you must
submit a request online (this does not include internal decorating).
You cannot carry out any alterations or changes until you have received permission.

Examples of alterations that you need permission for, but are not restricted to:

  • Installation/renewal of central heating
  • Installation/renewal of windows
  • Removing walls or partitions (or part of)
  • Installation/renewal of verandas, porches, conservatories etc
  • Installation of driveways
  • Installation of an EV charger
  • Installation/renewal kitchen units and worktops etc
  • Installation of bathroom suites/showers
  • Painting of external doors, windows and walls
  • Installation of gates and/or fencing
  • Removal/pruning of trees

Your request will not be refused without good reason, but you must not start any work until you get written permission. You must also comply with any conditions that the council has imposed in your request.

If you make any improvements or alterations to your property without our written permission, we may tell you to return the property to its original condition, or we may carry out the work ourselves and charge you for the work we complete.

Always remember only competent/qualified persons should carry out your alterations and certificates will have to be produced if any electrical or gas work is carried out.

Depending upon the work you have in mind, you may also need to get planning and or building regulation approval before starting work. It will be your responsibility meet any planning and  building regulations that may apply, as well as paying for any associated costs.

If you are asking for water, gas or electric meters to be moved you will also need to contact your supplier direct once permission has been agreed.


You may need to consider if the works you propose could disturb asbestos containing materials. We will provide information and advice regarding this at the time of your request for permission. If you are in any doubt please contact the asbestos team on 0121 569 5077.