If you have found alternative accommodation you can notify us of your intention to terminate online via MySandwell or by contacting us on 0121 368 1166

To end your tenancy, you will need to;

  • Give us at least 4 weeks’ notice (In certain circumstances if both you and we agree you may give less than 4 weeks’ notice)
  • Allow us to inspect and assess the condition of your property (you may be recharged if repairs need to be carried out)

When your tenancy ends, you must;

  • Make sure you remove all your belongings and leave your home clean and tidy, this includes your front and rear garden. If we have to clear your belongings or tidy your garden, we will have to charge you for the cost of doing so
  • Make sure that your rent is up to date
  • Give us your new address in case we need to contact you.
  • Leave the property secure with all windows and doors shut
  • Ensure the property is unoccupied when you leave
  • Return the keys on or before the last day of your notice period. Failing to do so may result in another weeks’ rent being charged

You should also do the following if applicable;

  • Inform Revenues and Benefits of your confirmed leaving date, so that any Council Tax and Housing Benefit/Universal credits accounts can be updated
  • Notify the Department for Work and Pensions of your new address
  • Contact Royal Mail and arrange for your post to be re-directed
  • Provide your gas and electricity suppliers with meter readings taken on the day you moved out of the property
  • Advise the relevant water company of your end date and meter readings if applicable
  • Arrange to disconnect services such as telephone, broadband and tv with your provider
  • Update the Television Licensing Authority