What is a Pre-Inquest Hearing ('PIH')?

Following the opening of an inquest, but before the resumed inquest, the Coroner can choose to hold a PIH, the date will be set by the Coroner whereby legal representation and interested parties including families are invited to attend. Witnesses are not required to attend this hearing. 

During the short hearing a member of the Coroner's staff will give evidence to the Coroner about the identity of the deceased (person who's died) and make preliminary plans for the final inquest hearing. These plans will include details of:

  • the witnesses who need to give evidence
  • scope of inquest
  • statements required and disclosure
  • whether a jury will be needed
  • how long the inquest it likely to last (days/weeks)
  • the time, date and place of the final inquest
  • whether any other hearings are needed.

The hearing is in public and anyone can attend.