Witnesses can provide evidence via a video link or in person, this is at the discretion of the Coroner.

Witnesses usually give evidence from the witness box at the front of court, near the Coroner.

All witnesses will be asked to take to take the Oath or Affirmation at the start of giving evidence where you will agree to tell the truth. It’s a criminal offence to lie when giving evidence under Oath or Affirmation in a Coroner’s Court.

If a witness submits a statement which isn’t disputed or if the person who made the statement can’t attend court the statement can be submitted in advance and will be shared as part of the Court papers. The Coroner will read the statement to the Court as part of the inquest.

Any evidence should be given in plain English, explaining any technical terms.

The Coroner will be the first person to ask each witness questions and will ask most of the questions. Other people may ask questions too, but the questions may only be about who the deceased was, and how, when and where they died. The Coroner will stop witnesses from answering any questions that aren’t appropriate.