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West Bromwich Town Centre - Interim Planning Statement and Masterplan 2021 | Sandwell Council

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West Bromwich Town Centre - Interim Planning Statement and Masterplan 2021

An Interim Planning Statement (IPS) and Masterplan is being prepared for West Bromwich Town Centre.

The Interim Planning Statement for West Bromwich will help to guide development in the West Bromwich Area Action Plan (WBAAP) area until the revised AAP is adopted. The Masterplan and IPS will inform related planning decisions in the Town Centre and will also act as a precursor to the full review and adoption of the WBAAP, due post-2024.

This Statement sets out the anticipated ‘direction of travel’ of planning policy for West Bromwich, and the general locations and scale of development anticipated in the Masterplan.

This statement provides confidence to developers and land owners on what can be accommodated in the town centre and on what the Council expects to see delivered as part of the ongoing regeneration of West Bromwich.

The Masterplan for West Bromwich Town Centre is required to provide a vision for prosperous growth for the next 20+ yrs. It is in response to the changing nature of our Town (shrinking retail uses, empty premises, general decline and now the effect of the pandemic which will affect how we use the town now and for the future. The masterplan will give the council a vision for ambitious and transformational change with new uses being proposed to support this growth and combat the decline. The vision provides a good platform for the council to bid for funding regimes and be a tool for levering and attracting investment to the town.  The masterplan will complement the Town Investment Plan Schemes which are currently being drawn up.

The ambitious vision being proposed will lead to positive step change visually and economically for the town and enable it to grow and become more sustainable in the future.

The aim is to put into place an Interim Planning Statement that will be treated as a material consideration for any future proposals put forward for this area, and enable development to be progressed within the context for the future vision for West Bromwich Town Centre.

The consultation period will run (online) for a period of 4 weeks commencing 22 July till 5.30pm on 20 August 2021. The IPS /draft Masterplan proposals are available by following the links below. If you wish to comment then please use the online consultation form. A paper copy of the consultation form will be available during weekly West Bromwich Town Centre exhibition sessions over a 4 week period.

All the public events will take place in the public space (centrally between Duchess/Princess Parade in between the entrances of Kings/Queens Square), the dates are;

27 July (2hrs)  10-12 noon      
29 July (2hrs)  10-12 noon        
3 Aug  (2hrs)   12-2pm               
5 Aug  (2hrs)   12-2pm              
10 Aug (2hrs)  10-12noon         
12 Aug (2hrs)  10-12 noon        
17 Aug (2hrs)  12-2pm       
• A Hard copy of the consultation form will be available at these events, once completed please send to the following address;

Growth and Spatial Planning
Directorate of Regeneration and Growth
Sandwell Council
Council House
B69 3DE

Following public consultation, a report setting out the results of the consultation and how this will shape/inform the IPS/Masterplan will be reported to Cabinet during Oct/Nov 2021 with final recommendations that both documents are approved/endorsed going forward.

Complete the online consultation form

Please follow the links below to download/view the proposals and plans.

For further information please contact or call 0121 569 4055, please note our phone lines can be busy so keep trying.