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Hypnotherapy Directory

This record is classed under Drugs, alcohol and substance misuse, Mental health.

Service Provider NameHypnotherapy Directory
ServiceA directory where people can find out more about hypnotherapy and find suitable practitioners
Address3Riverside Way
Post CodeGU15 3YL
Where do they provide service from?Their website but practitioners are available across all areas of the country
Expiry of servicesNot applicable
TelephoneCustomer Service Team: 0844 8030 242
EmailEmail available via the website
Area coveredNationwide
Who is the service for?Anyone wishing to find out more about hypnotherapy or wishing to find a practitioner
Referral routePlease visit the website, call or email
Specific ethnic group?No
Summary of servicesHypnotherapy Directory was set up to allow those looking for a hypnotherapist to easily find the most suitable practitioner, as well as read about what hypnotherapy is, understand how it works and find out about the different areas it can help with.
To ensure only professional hypnotherapists are listed with them, they require all practitioners to send in a copy of their qualifications and insurance cover, or proof of membership with a professional body, before they appear on Hypnotherapy Directory.

Visitors are also able to read useful articles written by the hypnotherapists listed with us, find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions and refine their search to ensure they choose the most suitable help.

Hypnotherapy areas:
Addictions such as smoking, alcohol abuse, gambling and food addictions.
Anxiety, depression, stress.
Compulsions, obsessions, phobias or panic attacks.
Sleep disorders, relationship issues, anger management, pain management.

Please see the website for more areas and information.
Time detailsThis depends on the practitioner but the Customer Service Team are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Chargeable service?The website is free but practitioners will charge
Total capacity of serviceNot applicable
Transport ProvidedNot applicable
CQC RegisteredNot applicable
Sandwell Approved ListNot applicable
DisclaimerInclusion in this directory does not imply that Sandwell Council endorses the organisations and no responsibility is assumed for the information in their entries or their services. For terms and disclaimer see below. Directory last updated October 2019.

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