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Councils and police seek extended street racing injunction | Sandwell Council

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Councils and police seek extended street racing injunction

Published 26th January 2023

Street racing banned in the Black Country

The four Black Country councils will appear before the High Court next month to apply for an extension to the interim injunction which bans 'street racing', also known as ‘car cruising’, in the area.

The injunction, which came into effect on Christmas Eve (24 December 2022), prohibits people from participating, as a driver, a rider or a passenger, in a gathering of two or more people at which some of those present engage in motor racing, stunts or dangerous or obstructive driving.

Anyone found by the High Court to have breached the injunction will be in contempt of court and could be hit with penalties ranging from imprisonment or fine to an order to have their assets, such as their car, seized.

Next month’s High Court hearing will consider whether the interim injunction and power of arrest should continue or be modified. At the hearing, the Black Country councils will seek to extend the terms of the injunction so that it also forbids people from promoting, organising or publicising a street racing event, or from being a spectator at such an event.

The hearing will take place on Monday 6 February 2023 at 10.30am at the Business and Property Courts, Birmingham District Registry, Civil Justice Centre, The Priory Courts, 33 Bull Street, Birmingham B4 6DS.

People are invited to submit comments and observations regarding street racing and next month's application for an extension of the existing injunction by emailing  

The application is being led by the City of Wolverhampton Council on behalf of the four Black Country councils and with the support of West Midlands Police.

A spokesperson on behalf of the claimant councils said: "We are pleased to be returning to the High Court on Monday 6 February to seek an extension to the existing street racing injunction.

“The present injunction bans people from participating in street racing, and we now want to go further so that it also bans people from either organising, or being a spectator at, such events. This was the case with the previous Black Country car cruising injunction, which proved so effective when it was in force between 2015 and 2021.

"It is of course vital that the authorities have the powers they need to crack down on street racing as and when it occurs and so we are naturally hopeful that we can secure an extension to the existing injunction from the High Court, which will provide a strong deterrent to anyone thinking of taking part in this dangerous and anti-social activity.”

For more information, including details of existing injunction and notice of the court hearing, please visit the websites of the respective applicants, which are in the process of being updated:

Read the Notice of Hearing.

Video information about the existing Black Country-wide street racing injunction and forthcoming High Court hearing

Incidents of street racing should be reported via or to West Midlands Police on 101. In an emergency, always dial 999.