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Strong reminder issued - no barbecues in Sandwell's parks | Sandwell Council

Strong reminder issued - no barbecues in Sandwell's parks

Published 5th August 2022

STRICTLY NO barbecues in our parks

Sandwell Council is issuing a strong reminder to residents that barbecues and portable cookers are not allowed in their parks and open spaces.

This follows a small fire at Dartmouth Park yesterday (4 August).

Sandwell Council also reminds visitors to use the bins provided or take rubbish home with them to prevent litter from also becoming a fire hazard.

Councillor Laura Rollins, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism said: “We are sad to report there has been small fire at Dartmouth Park, affecting a grassed area.

“We are grateful for the swift action of our green services team for reporting this and to West Midlands Fire Service who quickly got the fire under control and extinguished.

“We don't yet know the cause, this is being investigated by the fire service.

“This is a time to remind all visitors to Sandwell Valley and any of our parks and green spaces that barbeques and portable cookers are not allowed. Rubbish should always be disposed of in bins, or taken away, leaving our green spaces clean and litter free. We have recently increased our patrols in a number of our parks and nature reserves.

“We have seen the devastation of fires recently at Lickey Hills and across London and must do all we can to prevent this in our beautiful green spaces.”

The warning is timely given warm weather is expected across the region in the coming days and the council is expecting more visitors to its parks during this time.