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Council announces £2.8m boost for low income households and Band E-H properties | Sandwell Council

Council announces £2.8m boost for low income households and Band E-H properties

Published 6th July 2022

All eligible Sandwell households in Bands E to H will now receive a £150 Energy Bills Rebate, council bosses have confirmed.

And around 31,500 of the borough’s lowest income households will receive an extra £70 to help cover the rising cost of energy bills.
Sandwell households in Bands E to H - around 3,300 properties in the borough – will soon receive the £150 payment, funded by the discretionary scheme attached to the Energy Bills Rebate.

Properties in Bands A to D will have already received their payment, or will receive it soon if they have yet to apply or their application is being processed.
Additional payments of £70 will also be made to more than 31,000 households who are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction. The £70 payment is in addition to the £150 Energy Bills Rebate and will be paid to households regardless of Council Tax Band by the end of September.
The £150 for properties in Bands E to H will be paid automatically to the majority of households who pay by Direct Debit. Households in those bands who do not pay by Direct Debit will need to apply for the payment and will receive a letter. Those applications must be made by the end of September 2022. For those who need to apply, go to our Energy Bills Rebate scheme webpage.
Councillor Bob Piper, Deputy Leader of Sandwell Council and cabinet member for finance and resources, said: “As a council, we’re focusing on doing everything we can to help people during these really difficult times.
“So, we’re making the £150 Energy Bills Rebate available to all eligible households, not just those in Council Tax Bands A to D,” he said. “And we’ll be giving an extra £70 to more than 31,000 households who receive Council Tax Reduction, which is sometimes called Council Tax benefit.”
Cllr Piper also reminded people in Band A to D properties who haven’t yet applied for their Energy Bills Rebate to do so soon. You can apply for your Energy Bills Rebate online.
“If you live in a Band A to D property and you haven’t applied for your £150 rebate, make sure you do that before the end of July. We’ve already paid more than £13.5million to 90,000 households so far, but there are still many thousands of people who have yet to apply.”
Households in Bands A to D who haven’t applied for the payment by the end of July will have £150 credited against their Council Tax account.
Councillor Piper added: “We know everyone is feeling the impact of the cost of living and our priority as a council is to help as many households as possible.”
Sandwell Council will also distribute £3.4million to pensioners on low incomes and families with children as the cost of living continues to rise.
Children who get free school meals will receive food vouchers worth £15 each week over the six-week summer holiday, and pensioners on low incomes will receive a £110 assistance payment. A further £180,000 will be invested in helping households in crisis via the Household Support Fund.
For more details on the help and advice available, including claiming Pension Credit, go to our Cost Of Living Help webpages