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Food waste collections are back! | Sandwell Council

Food waste collections are back!

Published 16th March 2022

From 28 March Sandwell’s food waste (brown bin) collections will restart across the borough after the service was suspended during the pandemic.

Councillor Ahmad Bostan, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “With the return of food waste collections, Sandwell residents can use their food waste bins to help the environment and save money.

“Collected food waste will be turned into fertiliser and energy, which is better for the environment.

“And by using your food waste bin, you’ll be able to see how much and what types of food you and your family are throwing away. This will help you identify where you can make changes to your shopping list and save money on your grocery bill.”

Tony Marston, senior contract manager for Serco in Sandwell, added: “I am delighted food waste collections will be restarting across Sandwell from 28 March.

“If you have not used the food waste collection service in Sandwell before I would urge you to you give it a go.

“Food waste is taken to a plant in Stourbridge for a process called anaerobic digestion (AD). Here micro-organisms break down the food waste producing biogas, which is collected and used to generate energy. The leftover material becomes biofertiliser that can be used in farming and land regeneration.”

Residents can recycle all types of food waste including meal leftovers, fruit and vegetable peel/vegetable peelings or just peelings, meat and fish bones, stale bread and cakes plus uneaten pet food and tea bags. Find a full list of items on the council’s website (the text takes you to a web link).

Food can be placed into an indoor kitchen caddy, or alterative container, before putting it/placing into the outside brown handled container/bin. Caddies can be kept clean by using compostable bin liners available at all major retailers. Alternatively, newspaper or kitchen roll can be used to line the bin.

Residents who don’t currently recycle their food waste and want to start can order a replacement bin for free here: