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Sandwell residents and businesses urged to take control of their energy costs | Sandwell Council

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Sandwell residents and businesses urged to take control of their energy costs

Published 16th December 2021

Sandwell residents and businesses are being urged to register for free with Sandwell Energy Switch to see if they can reduce their gas and electricity bills.

Many Sandwell households and premises are facing huge prices rises, following the increase in the regulator’s energy price cap, which means that bills rose by a typical £139 a year in October and it is likely they will increase again in April 2022.

Sandwell residents who registered an interest this time last year could have saved an average of £176.

Residents who have changed their gas or electricity providers using a previous round of Sandwell Energy Switch could now be coming to the end of their current deal.

By registering with Sandwell Energy Switch members can benefit from the bargaining power of a large group. Once they have registered, an energy auction is held where suppliers compete for the opportunity to offer registrants the lowest energy tariff.

There are three energy switching auctions a year, and Sandwell residents and businesses can now register for the winter auction, which is planned for 15 February 2022. Offers will be sent to members from 28 February 2022.

Please note: offers made to registrants following the auction will depend on what happens in the energy market, which at the moment is uncertain. For example, if fixed term rates cannot compete with Standard Variable Tariffs, the round will be void and no offers will be sent out to residents.

What is the process?

For Residents

Register: registration is quick, free and without obligation.

Auction: Sandwell Energy Switch holds a reverse auction with pre-vetted suppliers, who compete to offer registrants the most competitive price.

Personal offer: registrants receive a detailed, but easy to understand personal offer. There is no obligation to switch once members receive their personal offer.

You decide: registrants decide if they want to accept the offer – Sandwell Energy Switch’s dedicated helpdesk is on hand to answer any questions. This service is operated by a company called iChoosr and can be contacted at free phone 0800 048 8116.

For Businesses

For businesses, the process is simple – just register your interest. Registering an interest will allow an offer to be made at an appropriate time depending on existing arrangements with your energy supplier(s).

Find out more

Sandwell Energy Switch will handle the entire switching process for residents and businesses so they don’t have to do anything. Registrants will then be able to take control of their energy costs through the collective energy switches.

Councillor Ahmad Bostan, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “Energy switching is not a new concept but traditionally consumers tend not to switch providers.

“Sandwell Energy Switch provides a consistent and easy-to-understand way for people to see if they can pay less for their energy. Year on year the scheme has delivered competitive tariffs for households and premises. If we all group together, we’ll get a better deal than if we try to do it individually.

“Sandwell Council is helping residents to save money and have the opportunity to take control of their energy costs. And any tariffs offered will be 100% renewable for the foreseeable future, supporting our climate change goals.”

To register for the Sandwell Energy Switch, whether you are a householder or a business owner, go to

The Sandwell Energy Savers page is aimed at helping people with advice and support on all things to do with energy. It provides links to tips on how to make properties more energy efficient, advice on switching energy suppliers. It also provides information about schemes that can help keep people warm.

Sandwell Energy Switch works closely with its partners to ensure that residents without internet access can take part in the energy scheme.

Sandwell Energy Switch enables residents to register ‘offline’ for the energy schemes and provide them with an offer letter instead of an offer email by contacting iChoosr at free phone 0800 048 8116. This means that more residents can benefit from collective action.

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