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Rajbir Singh steps down as Sandwell Council Leader | Sandwell Council

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Rajbir Singh steps down as Sandwell Council Leader

Published 16th November 2021

Cllr rajbir singh

Rajbir Singh has resigned as Leader of Sandwell Council with immediate effect for personal reasons.

Deputy Council Leader Councillor Maria Crompton will take on the responsibilities of council leader until a new leader is appointed.

Rajbir Singh, who became council leader in May this year, said: “I regret to announce that I am resigning as leader of Sandwell Council with immediate effect.

“It has been an enormous privilege to lead Sandwell and I am proud of the progress made in transforming the council into one that puts residents first.

“Being leader is also an incredibly time intensive job that requires total dedication. After much thought during a family holiday in India, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot continue to balance the heavy demands of council leadership with the responsibilities I also have to my young family and my businesses.

“It has been huge privilege to serve my community at such a young age and one day in the future when my personal circumstances are different, could seek opportunities to serve the community.

“It is in the best interests of residents that I stand aside now so that another councillor can step up to the challenge of leadership.

“I’d like to offer my huge thanks to the residents of Sandwell and colleagues in the council for their support and wish the council every success in the future.”

Councillor Crompton said: “I would like to thank Rajbir for his service and leadership over the past six months.

“I will be stepping up to take over the responsibilities of leader to ensure business continuity and building on the foundations of Rajbir’s work as leader.

“It’s important that we continue with ‘business as usual’ and ensure stability in the running of the council following Rajbir’s decision to step down for personal reasons.”

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