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Corngreaves Academy and Sandwell Council celebrate successful Road Safety campaign | Sandwell Council

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Corngreaves Academy and Sandwell Council celebrate successful Road Safety campaign

Published 11th October 2021

Mason and his design
Mason and his design

Following recognition of an increasing amount of traffic in Plant Street at the start and end of every day, Sandwell Council invited Corngreaves Academy to take part in a Road Safety Campaign.

The campaign was specifically aimed at increasing the safety of the school’s pupils, families and staff at the school gates.

Pupils were given the opportunity to design a road safety banner to be displayed on the school gates to promote the importance of being mindful within the streets surrounding the school. This was a huge success amongst pupils and two winning designs chosen and created into large banners which now hold pride of place on the car park gates and playground gates.

The campaign to keep the area safe for pupils is ongoing with Sandwell Council and West Midlands Police continuing to enforce the parking restrictions in the area.

Sarah Green, Headteacher at Corngreaves Academy said: “We had already been working hard as a school to promote road safety and awareness and were delighted to have the opportunity to continue this in conjunction with Sandwell Council. We have noticed a big decline in the amount of traffic since launching the campaign and as a result, the area surrounding Corngreaves Academy is now far safer for all.”

Councillor Ahmad Bostan, cabinet member for environment said: “The banners the children have designed are fantastic and really make it clear that having a safe and welcoming place to learn includes being able to go to and from school without the worry of traffic.

“Sandwell runs a number of parking campaigns for our local schools each year and we will continue to look at the specific needs of each individual school.”

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