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Sandwell Council Leader launches crackdown on nuisance vehicles | Sandwell Council

Councillor surgeries this week have been suspended

In light of the recent tragic events in Essex and as a mark of respect, councillor surgeries this week (18-24 October) have been suspended. More details and how to contact your councillor →

Sandwell Council Leader launches crackdown on nuisance vehicles

Published 11th October 2021

Leader of Sandwell Council, Councillor Rajbir Singh today (Monday 11 October) announced a crackdown on illegal vehicles on Sandwell’s streets.

Residents and businesses have complained about vehicles without tax or MOT being left blocking pavements and streets. Sandwell Council has listened to these concerns and from next month will be starting a number of operations planned to tackle the issue of vehicles without tax or MOT.

Camera cars will start patrolling Sandwell’s Streets to identify illegal vehicles without tax or MOT. Once identified, in conjunction with the police, these will be towed, and if the proper release fee is not paid, auctioned off or potentially destroyed.

The council is also purchasing additional Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which will be mounted in council vehicles including refuse trucks to tackle the issue on an ongoing basis. Secure data will be sent to our enforcement agents and if the vehicles are on the public highway without tax, MOT or insurance they will be towed.

Each vehicle in our communities without a valid MOT is not only at risk of being potentially dangerous or unroadworthy but may also be omitting harmful gases into the atmosphere. In addition, should these vehicles be involved in an accident this may invalidate any insurance, making these vehicles a real nuisance on our roads and often may even be involved in other criminal activity

Cllr Rajbir Singh, leader of Sandwell Council said:

“Our residents are sick of nuisance vehicles and the associated crime and anti-social behaviour they can bring so we are getting them off our streets. We ran a pilot last year and so we know the technology works, so our message is clear, no longer will Sandwell allow the situation to remain where law-abiding residents in effect subsidise those who won’t pay their tax and insurance. If you want to keep your vehicle then make sure it is taxed and insured or it could be towed and crushed.

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