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Litter louts leave Sandwell Valley strewn with waste | Sandwell Council

Litter louts leave Sandwell Valley strewn with waste

Published 9th June 2021

Sandwell Valley litter

Shame! Green spaces quickly became a lifeline during the pandemic, with many of us recognising the importance of being able to visit these like never before. How quickly this seems to have been forgot

Last weekend Sandwell Valley was left showered with rubbish after thoughtless visitors ignored half-empty bins, despite facing the threat of a £100 fine.

Matt Darby, operational manager for Sandwell Valley, said: “I’ve worked at the park for nearly 26 years now, and each summer seems to be worse than the last. I’m saddened to see how one of the most beautiful pieces of countryside in the borough is treated. It’s really disheartening considering the current state of our planet that this seems to be acceptable behaviour by some.

“All the bins were emptied on Saturday morning, and within 100 metres of piles of rubbish, bins were left unused simply because they required a short detour.”

Deputy leader and cabinet member for strong and resilient communities Councillor Maria Crompton said: “Would you leave rubbish like this in your garden? People use our parks to relax, enjoy the green outdoors and spend time with their family. Nobody wants to see this.

“Leaving rubbish like this isn't on. Use the bins provided - and if they're full, take your rubbish home with you.

“Our environmental protection officers will be working with the Sandwell Valley Covid Marshalls   and will issue £100 fixed-penalty fines if people are caught littering.”