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Sandwell residents urged to get free PCR test to confirm if they have Covid-19 | Sandwell Council

Sandwell residents urged to get free PCR test to confirm if they have Covid-19

Published 12th May 2021

To combat the spread of Covid-19, Sandwell Council is reminding people that they must get a confirmatory PCR test if they have had a positive rapid (lateral flow) test result.

Sandwell’s Director of Public Health Dr Lisa McNally said: “In recent months, Sandwell’s local community has achieved an amazing reduction in Covid-19 cases. One of the fastest declines in infection rates in the country.

“One reason for this is the enthusiasm Sandwell people have shown for regular testing using ‘lateral flow’ test kits.

“It’s crucial to remember that, if you get a positive result on these rapid tests, you must follow it up with a PCR test straight away. This will confirm if the result is a true positive. 

“If you don’t get confirmation through a PCR test within 48 hours then you could end up needing to isolate unnecessarily, along with your close contacts. 

“Every week we have some positive results from a lateral flow test reversed by a follow up PCR test.

“So if your rapid test is positive then begin self-isolation and immediately book a PCR test via the government website at or by calling 119.”

Councillor Maria Crompton, Deputy Leader of Sandwell Council, said: “I would like to thank the people of Sandwell for their support in combatting Covid-19. Testing has enabled us to identify and reduce Covid-19 cases in the borough, a vital step in moving us out of lockdown. This could not have been achieved without your commitment and support.”

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