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Thank you to Oldbury/Tipton border area residents after targeted Covid-19 testing ends | Sandwell Council

Thank you to Oldbury/Tipton border area residents after targeted Covid-19 testing ends

Published 1st April 2021

Targeted Covid-19 testing in the Oldbury/Tipton border area ended yesterday (Wednesday, 31 March).

Sandwell Council wants to thank residents in the area for their support, whether they completed a home test or went for a test at PureGym, Dudley Port.

Extra testing had been carried out with people without symptoms in specific streets within the wider DY4 7, DY4 8 and B69 2 postcode areas.

This followed a case of the variant first discovered in South Africa being identified in the area.

More than 2,500 tests have now been completed and sent for special sequencing testing to identify any cases of the variant.

Sandwell’s Director of Public Health Dr Lisa McNally said: “We’d like to thank everyone who’s taken part in the targeted testing and returned their test to us – either at one of the drop-off points or when our volunteers have called to collect them.

“The response has been an unbelievable effort between staff, local volunteers and residents.

“The community has responded superbly.

“Valuable evidence has come out of the work and there are hopes that some of the data from this exercise will contribute to a really useful study.

“Once again we have shown how well we can work as a regional system.”

Residents who didn’t get to return their home test when volunteers called by or at one of the drop-off points can still post it back using the instructions on the kit.

Although this extra testing programme in Oldbury and Tipton has now been completed, everyone can still access rapid tests for free if they have no symptoms or get an NHS test if they do have symptoms.

Visit the council's Covid-19 testing webpage for more information.