A message regarding concerns about the fire at the former Manor High School site, Wednesbury

Published 12th March 2019

We know some people have been concerned about the fire at the former Manor High School site in Friar Park Road, Wednesbury.

Update: 12.15pm Thursday 14 March: As expected, test results have confirmed that areas around the school are safe in relation to airborne asbestos contamination.

Although Sandwell Council does not own the land where the former school is, we are supporting Phoenix Collegiate following this incident.
We want to reassure everyone that the risk of long-term health effects resulting from being near fires where asbestos containing materials were present is very low.
The fire service told people to keep their windows closed as a precaution while the blaze was ongoing and they have assured us that any asbestos fibres would have been carried away from the area on the wind.
Today, as an added precaution, we are carrying out asbestos checks of the air in the area to help reassure people further.
There is no need to panic and there is no asbestos that requires cleaning up anywhere outside the school site.
The land is fenced off. People are advised not to go onto the land for any reason while the cause of the fire is investigated.