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Rechargeable repairs

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Tenants may be charged for any damage to their home or communal areas. Tenants MUST pay for a repair or replacement if the damage is caused deliberately through neglect or carelessness by themselves, members of their household, by visitors or friends.

Where the damage has been caused by a third party outside the tenant's control, the charge will be waived if reported to the police and a crime number is produced.

Tenants can choose to carry out the work themselves, but this work must then be inspected by a Sandwell Council representative and completed to their satisfaction.

In exceptional circumstances these charges can be waived or reduced.

Examples may include but are not restricted to:

  • Senior citizens/living alone
  • Mental illness/learning difficulties
  • Consequences of emergency action/access
  • Defective fittings or appliances

Examples of repairs that will be charged:

  • Re-glazing
  • Lock changes
  • Contents clearance from vacated building
  • Storage of contents resulting from  abandonment or eviction
  • Damage resulting from do-it-yourself activities (this may include neighbouring properties)
  • Damage to any fixtures, fittings or appliances
  • Damage to structure of the building
  • Void property left in unsatisfactory condition (including the garden and outhouses)

Please note that this is not a full list and other repairs may be recharged.