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Ways to pay your rent | Sandwell Council

Ways to pay your rent

Nhood icon5Paying your rent is a condition of your tenancy. At your sign-up interview you will have received details of the weekly rent charge, plus any other charges that may be due. You must pay these charges on time to avoid falling into arrears.

For a safe, hassle-free way to pay your rent we recommend direct debit as a preferred payment method.

If you are unable to pay your rent or other charges by direct debit, you can find details of other ways to pay at

You can also access your rent account, download your rent statement, set up a direct debit and make a payment any time of day by signing up for a MySandwell Account

When do I need to pay my rent?

You need to pay your rent on time and not be in arrears. Rent payments are due on a fortnightly basis. You can benefit from monthly payments by signing up to direct debit (this allows you to spread the cost over 12 monthly payments).  If you are paid monthly, we strongly recommend you pay your rent by direct debit to avoid falling into arrears.

If you do not pay on time you will fall into arrears. You will be sent letters advising you of the arrears and the amount you need to pay to clear your account. Rent arrears are serious and can lead to you losing your home, please do not ignore these letters, we are here to help you.

What to do if your account falls into arrears?

If you are finding it hard to pay your rent or have fallen into arrears, we want to help you and you should contact us straight away on 0121 737 5148 to discuss your circumstances.

Our officers can:

  • Assess your financial circumstances and make an affordable arrangement for you to clear your arrears. If you keep to the arrangement no further action will be taken
  • Refer you to Citizens Advice for free, independent advice on your finances, including how to budget and options to clear your debts
  • Refer you to Welfare Rights for advice on benefits and how to maximise your income

You can also contact us via e-mail for the town in which you live: