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Rights and Responsibilities

Nhood icon1As a Secure Tenant you will have certain legal rights, which have been outlined below.

Right to consultation
You have the right to be consulted on any changes affecting your tenancy.

Right to Mutual Exchange
Swap your home with another willing party who is also a secure tenant via way of mutual exchange.

Right to Buy your home
The 'right to buy' allows most council tenants to buy their council home at a discount.

Right to make improvements
You may make improvements as long as they do not de-value the property. To do this you must first seek permission to alter your property by completing the relevant request form.

Right to take in lodgers/sub let
You can take in lodgers without permission but it must not cause overcrowding. Before doing so you should consult with your local office on 0121 368 1166 as this may also affect your benefit entitlements if applicable.

Right to compensation
You may have a right to compensation for certain improvements made to the property after 1 April 1994.

Right to manage
Tenants may manage their own homes by negotiating a "management agreement" with Sandwell Council.

Right to repair
Both us as the Landlord and you as the Tenant are responsible for repairs in your home. You can report a repair online or by calling 0121 569 6000.