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Home Safety - Do's and Don'ts

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In the United Kingdom each year there are 60,000 accidents in the home. The home can be a dangerous place, and it's vital that you and your family are aware of the dangers.

Do guard open fires
Do unplug electrical appliances if not in use
Do check cigarettes have not been left burning
Do ensure fire doors are closed
Do check on a weekly basis that your smoke alarm is working
X Don't put clothes directly on to heaters to dry or air
X Don't overload electrical points
X Don't leave matches in easy reach of children
X Don't leave chip pans unattended
X Don't remove batteries from your smoke alarm

For further advice on fire safety please contact the Resident Engagement Officer for Fire Safety:

Gas and Electricity supplies
All council properties have an electrical supply and most have a gas supply. There are controls to turn off these supplies and for your own benefit you should know where these controls are.

Do replace worn or damaged flexes
Do turn off mains electricity supply before replacing a fuse
Do ensure all appliances are correctly connected
X Don't use childproof covers on unused sockets
X Don't use portable appliances in the bathroom
X Don't join two pieces of flex together with tape
X Don't use damaged plugs

ENSURE you use the correct solid fuel
ENSURE rooms are adequately ventilated
ENSURE the chimney is swept regularly
If you have any problems contact us on 0121 368 1166
If you smell gas ring National Grid Gas on 0800 111 999
Do open doors and windows
Do check that gas appliances are switched off
Do turn off supply at the meter
X Don't operate electrical switches
X Don't use a naked flame

If you go out in the evening draw the curtains and leave a light on in the room as opposed to the    hall
Fit a timer device to a lamp to make a property appear occupied
Use heavy duty padlocks on garages and sheds
Always ask for callers' identity cards. If you are suspicious do not open the door
Join or set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (for more details contact the National Neighbourhood Watch Association telephone 01902 481384) (Membership is free)
If you go away for a long period of time, notify us on 0121 368 1166, drain down your hot water tank and unplug electrical appliances
If you believe that there are criminal activities taking place on your estate, you may report this to Crime Stoppers anonymously on free phone 0800 555111
X Never leave your door key under the mat or on a piece of string behind the letterbox
X If you have ladders, padlock them on to something secure

X Don't leave items in the communal areas that are flammable or may cause obstruction (E.g. tables, chairs, mobility scooters etc)